Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)
Classic White Low LED (hombres)

Classic White Low LED (hombres)

Roller Skate Shoes


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Also available in Woman's, Kid's.

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Parte superior de cuero transpirable.

La piel transpirable proporciona el intercambio de aire necesario para mantener tus pies cómodos durante todo el día. ¡Adiós pies sudorosos! nosotros nos encargamos de ello.

Botón Abrir Cerrar

Solo un empujón... ¡Convierte tus zapatillas en rulos en 3 segundos! Nos hemos ocupado de la seguridad y proporcionamos un mecanismo de bloqueo. Perfecto para pasar de revolcarse en la casa a esquivar hábilmente conversaciones con familiares. ¡Hola, ruedas, encuentra el camino!

Mecanismo simple y confiable

La exclusiva suela LieKick® es la combinación perfecta de confiabilidad y practicidad. Una vez que te pongas estas zapatillas, serás imparable, en serio. ¿Estilo + comodidad? ¡Sí, por favor!

Línea LED completa

¿Qué? ¿Como funciona? ¿Cómo lo metiste ahí? Sí, y también obtienes un dispositivo adicional que debes cargar. 3-4 horas, 7 colores, 3 modos, será difícil no notarte...

You don't need an accessory or an extra pair of shoes - just put on your LieKick® sneakers. Whenever and wherever you want, the decision is yours, once you're ready, just press the button and make the wheels roll and slide in your direction...

One press, and every step
is a new adventure.

Girl in Kick Speed Top Black Hight LED Roller Sneakers
Kids in Kick Speed LED Roller Sneakers
Two girls in Kick Speed  roller shoes
Couple in love on a stroll in Kick Speed roller sneakers
Stylish girl in Kick Speed roller sneakers

It's hard to stay silent when your
shoes turn into rollerblades.

Customer Reviews

Based on 322 reviews
Elizabeth Chason
Comfort Level:
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
Theyre great but

My left shoe LED lights arent working when i press the button. The right one works! Other than that, they are great!!


Ils sont beaux et fonctionnent parfaitement. Les rouleaux sont faciles à retirer et à ranger, mais je recommande de lubrifier les roues avant la première utilisation, car au début elles ne tournaient pas bien(

Comfort Level:
Not Comfortable
Very Comfortable
They are ok

They are Heavy while walking and the Box came more Likely destroyed after waiting 3 Weeks (Germany). But the Shoes in it are perfectly fine! They are Like promised and rolling with it is cool And easy. They Look realy Cute i like them.

Tracy L.

They wanted to take 2 pairs for my husband, but he doesn't have a size yet, so they took me two pairs😄 everything arrived in good condition and on time.

Emma W

Expectations and reality are definitely about liekick! Here, the service and product are simply at their best, we are very satisfied, we recommend them to everyone!