Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)
Classic White Low LED (Men's)

Classic White Low LED (Men's)

Roller Skate Shoes


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Also available in Woman's, Kid's.

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Kick Speed Roller Skates Shoes

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2 IN 1


Breathable Leather Upper

Breathable skin provides the necessary air exchange to keep your feet comfortable all day long. Buh-bye, sweaty feet! we took care of it.

Open Close Button

Just one push... Turn your sneakers into rollers in 3 seconds! We've taken care of safety and provided a locking mechanism. Perfect for going from wallowing around the house to deftly dodging conversations with relatives. Hey wheels, meet the road!

Simple Reliable Mechanism

The unique LieKick® - outsole is the perfect combination of reliability and practicality. Once you put these sneakers on, you'll be unstoppable - seriously. Style + comfort? Yes, please!

Full-LED Line

What? How does it work? How did you get it in there? Yes, and you also get an added device that you have to put on charge. 3-4 hours, 7 colors, 3 modes, it'll be hard not to notice you...

You don't need an accessory or an extra pair of shoes - just put on your LieKick® sneakers. Whenever and wherever you want, the decision is yours, once you're ready, just press the button and make the wheels roll and slide in your direction...

One press, and every step
is a new adventure.

Girl in Kick Speed Top Black Hight LED Roller Sneakers
Kids in Kick Speed LED Roller Sneakers
Two girls in Kick Speed  roller shoes
Couple in love on a stroll in Kick Speed roller sneakers
Stylish girl in Kick Speed roller sneakers

It's hard to stay silent when your
shoes turn into rollerblades.

Customer Reviews

Based on 303 reviews
LED colors are just awesome!

My kids love it, and the LED colors are just awesome!!! The quality is great!

Poppy G.

I am delighted with these rollerblades! They're perfect for my morning sports!

Jacob Wilson
She is delighted

Bought for my daughter - she is delighted. The sneakers are stylish and functional, ideal for outdoor activities. The only drawback is that it is quite difficult to clean the rollers from dirt.

Michael O.
I am satisfied with the rollerblades but...

Overall, I am satisfied with the rollerblades, but there are a few things that could be improved. In particular, the replacement mechanism could be simpler and faster. I also wanted more cushioning when skating. However, for everyday use they are great.

Sophie S.

I bought these roller skates for my son and he is absolutely happy! They are stylish, comfortable for walking and skating. The only thing is that they get dirty pretty quickly.